What are the NiN clan stars points "NiNX points" and how do I earn them and what are they used for?

Definition of NiNX Points:

NiNX points are NiN Clan Currency Cash Points earned by the NiN Gaming Network Clan Divisions' members through being more active on the NiN Forums, the NiN Youtube and the NiN Blog to be spend in the NiNX Shop on cash, in-game items and other valuable goodies.

Recent Changes to the NiNX (Clan Currency Points):

Dear NiNGamers,

There had been an important recent change to the NiNX points earning system on the NiN Forums, the NiN Youtube Channel and the NiN Blog. All the NiN Gaming Network members across all the NiN Gaming Network Clan Divisions are entitled to earn 1 NiNX point per post/ comment on the NiN Forums and 5 NiNX points per comment on the NiN Youtube Channel and 5 NiNX points per comment on the NiN Blog. Please remember to use your IGN "In-Game Name" as part of your comment as a signature when posting a comment on either the NiN Youtube Channel and/or the NiN Blog to be awarded your earned NiNX points otherwise you will not earn any NiNX points due to the inability of the system to identify you.

All NiN Gaming Network members' NiNX Account balances had to be changed to conform to the new changes and to balance the previous system (example: if you had 500 NiN Forum posts then that will entitle you to 500 NiNX points and you will be able to see such changes reflected on your NiNX account balance). Please note that NiNX points earned on the NiN Youtube Channel and the NiN Blog only are not automatically added to a NiN member's NiNX account except till the end (last day) of the month.

Please forward any and all questions to

Thanks NiNGamers. And for Loyalty, Honor and Glory. NiNs we salute you. NiN for the Win.

Best Regards,

NiN Customer Service Team

Learn more at the NiNX Shop (Link:

NiNGamers often ask "how can I check for the NiNX points weekly missions to earn more NiNX points and how would I be able to stay informed of the NiNX points mission winners every week?" and the answer to that can be found at the NiNX Points Weekly Missions page (Link:

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