NiN Gaming Company and Gamers 4 Galveston

The NiN Gaming Company Studios and the NiN Gaming Network both launched out of an 8 year collaborative and worldwide effort to revolutionize online gaming app development by bringing gamer-centric MMO play to multiple platform devices. The NiN Gaming Network is nicknamed NiNGN and the NiN Gaming Company is nicknamed NiNGC.

The mission statement of the NiN Gaming Company is as follows: "We are a network of global, creative and different thinking group of pioneering electronic artistic professionals and fanatic gamers who share creating a vision and a common goal of more creatively fun, open and connected gaming. We are where new gaming is born. NiN for the Win!"

NiNGC's professional experience is extensive, and it includes:

  • Gaming Software Applications Development using Unity 3D & establishing MMO Gaming Network Communities.
  • Experience in competing, creating & hosting professional MMO gaming tournaments
  • Experience using C#, C++, Java, Matlab, HTML 5, Visual Basic
  • Experience using MS Office including MS Excel, Access, Project, Frontpage & more
  • Experience in Game Design & 3D Modeling using 3D MAX, Blender and more
  • Experience in Web Design using HTML, Dreamweaver and more
  • Experience in Visual & Audio Media Design & Editing using Vegas Pro & more

To learn more of NiNGC, please visit!about-us/c1925

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