NiN Gaming "Ninjas Elite inter- Net Gaming" is a global online network of more than nine multi-gaming and multiplayer Ninjas Elite "NiN" clans established in more than nine online multiplayer games with current active memberships of more than 400 members and gamers from 14 different countries around the globe.

Since its founding in 2005, NiN Gaming has been based in the United States and Canada, but the network itself is a global professional gaming network with Ninjas Elite Clans established in games worldwide in 14 different countries in 3 different continents constituting three worldwide NiN Gaming Divisions; the NiN Gaming North America Division, the NiN Gaming Asia Division and the NiN Gaming Africa and the Middle East Division as our members come from so many different countries and many different places with new and different gaming skills and backgrounds.

NiN-Holly234, a founder of the NiN Gaming North America Division and a board member of the NiN Gaming board of directors and the Ninjas Elite Clan Central Command and Headquarters, is in charge of the NiN Gaming North America Division and the Commander in Chief of nine NiN Gaming - Ninjas Elite "NiN" clans based in the United States and Canada.

In addition to being a gaming network community, NiN Gaming is also a gaming software apps development company.

For contact info about NiN Gaming North America, please visit our NiN Gaming North America website at for more information and email us at with your questions.


We are a network of global, creative and different thinking group of pioneering electronic artistic professionals and fanatic gamers who share creating a vision and a common goal of more creatively fun, open and connected gaming. We are NiN Gaming, we are where new gaming is born. NiN for the Win.


  • Gaming Software Applications Development using Unity 3D & establishing MMO Gaming Network Communities.
  • Experience in competing, creating & hosting professional MMO gaming tournaments
  • Experience using C#, C++, Java, Matlab, HTML 5, Visual Basic
  • Experience using MS Office including MS Excel, Access, Project, Frontpage & more
  • Experience in Game Design & 3D Modeling using 3D MAX, Blender and more
  • Experience in Web Design using HTML, Dreamweaver and more
  • Experience in Visual & Audio Media Design & Editing using Vegas Pro & more

Connect with NiN Gaming:

Email us:

More info, please visit

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