NiN WOT stands for "Ninjas Elite Clan Division of World of Tanks", with current active memberships available of 100 Members. The NiN WOT Clan Division is ranked among top WOT clans and is very active and very competitive. NiN WOT Clan Division members are nicknamed "NiNWOTers"


World of Tanks is a massively multiplayer online game developed by the Belarusian Cyprian company "Wargaming", featuring early to mid-20th century era fighting vehicles. More details pertaining to World of Tanks game itself can be found at this link: [[1]]


NiN WOT "Ninjas Elite Clan Division of World of Tanks" was established in World of Tanks in the year of 2011 and became very active online since then. NiN WOT today is a high level top clan and enjoys great member performance and activity. NiN WOT is also very competitive and strives to win more competitions through participating in major gaming leagues. The NiN WOT Clan is very active and participates in all kinds of activities. 

NiN WOT is currently recruiting members with tier 5 tanks and above & with at least 2000 battles on record (exceptions can be made). NiN WOT offers a site, forums, prized clan tournaments, prized clan events, a great, very active & mature community with tons of energy, sportsmanship & more. NiN WOT members clan war all the time to win gold and they do strongholds battles for extra experience and game credits. NiN WOT also competes in WOT tournaments through its professional tournaments NiN SEAL TEAM 4 assigned to the NiN WOT Clan Division. 

More info can be found here:

To learn more of all active NiN Gaming Network Clan Divisions, then please visit us at!games/ccjb

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